Lakshan Perera

After Graduation

One year after graduation, I hear many of my friends already reminiscing the days as an undergrad and about the freedom we had that time to live our lives the way we want. Yes, it was the time we never feared to put overselves against extreme challenges, found love at hopeless places and fought to change the world!

But do we really loose this freedom to live our lives the way we want as we graduate?

As I see, the following 3 decisions you take after graduation will define everything about you and your future.

  1. What you do to live?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. With whom you live?

Everyone will not have the same options and conditions when it comes to making these decisions. So you cannot simply compare how smart or correct one's decisions to another.

Most important thing is to be conscious about yourself when making these decisions. Never try to go with the flow or let others to make these decisions for you. Then at some point in life when you experience the consequences (both bitter and sweet), you know those are results of your own decision making.

Keep control of your life and live the way you want!