Lakshan Perera

Thank You, Steve!

It's still early morning here in Sri Lanka; I was just starting the day passively glancing over my Twitter feed. In a stream filled with rants over iPhone 4S' form factor and predications on how Siri is changing the world, seeing this tweet just shocked me. It feels like the passing of someone closer to my life. Yes, Steve was terminally ill, but who'd have thought it will come to him so soon?

I admire Steve Jobs not because of Apple, but for the constant inspiration he gave throughout in his life. As a kid, seeing what Bill Gates has achieved, I believed you need to be an extraordinaire gifted with talent and luck to become successful and change the world.

However, listening to Steve's Standford graduation speech changed my perspective. I started to believe anyone can change their destiny, if they got the true passion and perseverance.

Steve's life was not bed of roses. As a child he was adopted, he had to drop-out from the University, was kicked out from his own company and lived the best years of his life battling with Pancreatic cancer. Yet he managed to "put a ding in the universe".

Thank you Steve for all the inspiration! May your soul rest in peace!

P.S. - Please Consider donating to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, to fight against the disease that took Steve's life.