Lakshan Perera

A Month in Vienna

I'm writing this post from 30,000ft above the ground, flying back home from Vienna.

I came to Vienna last month, as per an invitation from GENTICS Crew (the company behind awesome Aloha Editor) to hack on a really interesting project. I will not reveal much details about the project for now, since it's still little too premature for that (don't worry, you will get to hear lot about it in near future).

In this post, I like to share how it was to live in the world's most livable city for one month.

From the moment I landed in Vienna, I was impressed about the convienence and reliabilty of the public transport. Trams (Street Cars), Subway Trains and Buses operates normally till midnight and they are so frequent. Once you get used to the subway system moving around the city is piece of cake. Entrances to underground stations are clearly visible from distance and prominent color codes are used for each underground line. Also, you can travel on any public transport service with a single ticket (which would be valid for a day, week or month). Riding in public transport is also very comfortable, there's no rush even during the peak hours.

Vienna is a master piece of great architecture and town planning. It's amazing how they have managed to preserve the traditional architectural styles throughout the city. Not only the chapels, palaces, museums and theaters, but every building in the city has its own glory.

There are lush green parks and pathways throughout the city. Walking through these pathways in an evening or sitting in a bench to read on a weekend, can be the best luxurious you can experience in your life. Another interesting fact about Vienna is, you can drink the tap water. It is so pure, as it comes fresh out of mountains.

You can't talk about Vienna without talking about its food. You have to experience the Viennese Schnitzel, Tafelspite, Melange (Viennese Cappuccino) and the great range of wines. The ice-creams and chocolates in Vienna are simply overwhelming for someone like me, who have a sweet tooth.

Most of the people I met in Vienna were extremely smart and broad-minded. I guess they have inherited this from the knowledge driven culture and appreciation of arts. This free culture allows anyone to live respectably, regardless of their gender, religion, ethnicity, profession or sexual orientation. The city is so safe and I didn't see a single news on crime during my stay.

Also, it's interesting to note most of the people in Vienna are obessed with reading. In public transport, almost everyone got a paper, book or kindle in their hands.

As I see Vienna has become an immaculate city, not because of its past glory, wealth or the technology, but from the great discipline you find in the people. People in Vienna are so disciplined in the way they work, travel and even have fun. When you do your due responsibly, it not only raises your own living condition, but also of others.

I would like to wrap up this post with an interesting quote from my caretaker. He used to say this every time he served the breakfast - "Cooked with love and served with charm!". That's how I cherish Vienna.