Lakshan Perera

Looking Back at 2010

It was a year of transition in my life. Some of the highlights of 2010 were:

  1. Completed my degree and marked the end of formal education.
  2. Saw CurdBee becoming a more established product (We shipped loads of new features in 2010).
  3. Completed another successful Google Summer of Code (probably my last) with OpenNebula project.
  4. Got to learn lots of new stuff (asynchronous processing, real-time communication, etc) by working on Realie project, which was my final year project in University.
  5. Increased traffic to my blog by 300% (but I should have blogged more)
  6. Bought my first car.
  7. Finally, Bought an iPhone :).

Lots of interesting things have already planned for 2011. It's surely going to be a more challenging year ahead.