Lakshan Perera

Are you creating software to impress one person?

Ever wondered why we have so much of crappy and bloated software? The root cause they are built just to impress one person.

This is a widespread disease in software industry. At the academic level, you will find students writing software to impress their mentors and get the required credit. Then you get the developers working for large software firms, who are only concerned on how to get the nod of their pointy-headed bosses. Freelancers are only worried of getting the sign-off from their pesky clients. You may expect startups to their stuff out of passion. But in reality, most startups which runs on funding are building software just to impress their VCs. This system is plain wrong!

There are no software intended to be used by one person. In most cases, the person who is getting impressed is not the actual end-user of the software. He may not have a clue of what end-user really wants.

If you are a developer, think of the wider audience, who'd be actually using your stuff. Don't ignore them! Try to impress those people at the end of the day.