Lakshan Perera

Sticking to Basics

I love Test Cricket. I believe it has very close resemblance to our real lives, and it gives so much of inspiration. Sri Lanka's remarkable victory today against Pakistan after being at the jaws of defeat, yet another classic example for that. Pakistan were dominating in first 3 days of the game and it was almost certain they have sealed the victory by end of yesterday. Yet, within just one unfocused, carefree session of play they did let go all the good they did in past 3 days.

On the other hand Sri Lankans, went to field today with a glimpse of hope of a victory. They needed to bowl out Pakistanis before within a mere target of 97 runs. Given the strong batting line up of Pakistan, it seemed daunting task and seemed only a miracle could reverse the result. But Sri Lankans did win comfortably at the end! without any miracles or magic. Sri Lanka's match winning bowlers - Murali, Vaas or Malinga was not even in the playing XI. Ajantha Mendis, the only trump card for Sri Lanka, did only had an ordinary game. So what changed the game? It was the hardwork of 3 average bowlers - namely Herath, Thushara and Kulasekara. They bowled with discipline and skipper Sangakkara kept the trust in them and rightfully exploited the opportunities.

Pakistan skipper Younis Khan, very correctly explained what cost them the game - "When I am under pressure, I go back to my basics. They need to go back to basics too. Break it down into small-small sessions, be it batting, be it bowling, be it fielding. It's only a six-hour day, it shouldn't be that difficult."

Isn't this what happens in our lives too? When things are going fine for us we tend to neglect our basics. Also, when things go wrong we do experiment and seek all sorts of other fixes - but forgetting to return to our basics. Today's game teached us the value of sticking to our basics. That's the secret mantra for success!