Lakshan Perera

Ruby Best Practices

First of all sorry for letting this space go on a hiatus yet again.. Though I tried to make it a habit of posting regularly, other priorities didn't allow me to do it as I wish. In last few months I had to run through lot of challenges in real life and in hacking, which I feel would be worthy to share. I promise that I will start posting them soon.

Meanwhile, I'm glad to inform you that I will also be contributing to Ruby Best Practices Blog, which is a collaborative effort organized by Gregory Brown of Prawn fame. Rest of the core team of RBP includes well experienced and interesting developers such as, James Britt, Kirk Haines, Robert Klemme, Jeremy McAnally, Sean O’Halpin and Magnus Holm. So if you are passionate in writing smart and robust Ruby code, you would really enjoy this blog.

Visit Ruby Best Practices blog.