Lakshan Perera

Get mocked!

My first few days doing Maths in Advanced Levels was a nightmare. I usually sucked in Maths in high school and only because of my strong passion for IT made me do Maths (thats the only way in Sri Lanka to gain higher education in IT). I couldn't grasp a single shit, other than knowing some greek characters on the board. The tutor was ruthless, and sarcastic at his best. To make the matters worse, the class was full of opposite sex, who were awaiting to LOL at any insult thrown. I just sounded total dumbass!

Tutor said I will not go beyond a simple pass even if I work my ass off. However, after two years of hard work, I proved him wrong by entering to University of Moratuwa, and pursue my childhood dream of a career in IT. It was the mockery at the class, made me strong and motivated me to bring out the best in me.

It's natural to feel humiliated and give up when you get mocked by others, but try to turn them into your own advantage. Don't try to avert them or defend them. Let them mock you! Just keep believing in yourself and stick to what you do!