Lakshan Perera

If Rails is a Ghetto, Merb is a Whorehouse

Don't get confused over the title, I'm not trying to punch the Merb community as Zed did to Rails. A grasshopper like me don't even qualify to do such a rant. I'm actually trying to pimp Merb!

Merb is the newest addition to Ruby town. First, it was started just to satisfy the unfulfilled desires of some homies who lived in Rails ghetto. Soon they found Merb, as a sweet spot they could refresh and relieve the pressures they had in Rails. Hush-hush about Merb was spreading so fast, and it had it doors open for everyone from day one. However apart from the hustlers, many others backed-off mainly due to spread of FUD. In the midst of all the hate-games Merb had turned 1.0 and even Matz, the Godfather of Ruby Town, has given his thumbs up for Merb. It is no more a dark ally and it's here to stay.

It's your Call

Not all want bang with big Racks, your taste maybe for micros. You may want to roll with a mature like ActiveRecord or maybe you love to do a tenderly Sequel. How about relaxing in Couch? Nothing to be embarrassed, Merb knows how to satisfy you all alike. Just do it in your style, in Merb you could even cum_later run_later. Did I tell you, that you could bring your own toys (meh, slices) to Merb?

Could I exposed to STD?

Many fear that Merb will bring STD(Stupid Terrible Dependencies) to apps and systems. In fact this was a PITA in the early days of Merb, but with the power of Thor and new bundling strategy will help you to take care of yourself better.

If you yearn for some real fun and action, now it's time to head over to Merbhouse!