Lakshan Perera

Extended-Bort: My base Rails app

Bort is an awesome base Rails app, which allows you to get into real action without wasting your time on setting up the most common and boring stuff. It comes with RESTful Authentication, OpenID support, Capistrano Mutli-stage deployments and many other essential plugins, thus lifting good work load. I first got to use Bort when developing MyConf for Rails Rumble, where agility mattered to the maximum. Since, I felt it would be ideal to use Bort as the cookie cutter for my future Rails apps as well. However, I felt there needs to be several changes to make it more ideal for my workflow. Hence, I forked Bort and came up with Extended-Bort!

What are the changes?

Want to Use?

If you feel like using Extended-Bort, follow these steps:

bash git clone git:// git submodule init git submodule update

Edit the database.yml and the settings.yml files

bash Rake db:migrate

change the session key in config/environment.rb and REST_AUTH_SITE_KEY in environments config (you can generate keys using rake:secret)

Have a brew and celebrate (from original Bort guys, but you can still do it ;) )