Lakshan Perera


Most of us do work hard in our lives, but how many of us achieve the goals we strive for? Complains such as "I never missed a class and never missed homework but I couldn't get through the exam" or "Though I work 12 hours a day I'm not getting a promotion in my job" are very common in our society. Is it just the bad luck or is there any better reason for this? As I feel it's mainly because we don't have a true passion on what we do.

crammingSuccess don't have a strict co-relation to how much effort you put in or how much time you spend on it. There may be subjects you don't understand a shit, but you could parrot read and score good grades in exams. There may be jobs which you hate, but gives you an increment if you don't take a leave whole year. But can we define these as success? At the end of the day, if you feel unsatisfied over what you do and if you don't see it adding any value to your life, it may not be your real passion.

People who cram, always lives in uncertainty, "What if the structure of the paper get changed this year?" "What if Java language looses its popularity?". If you have a real passion, you may not feel insecure about your future. Passionate people can easily adapt to the changes. They could even foresee those changes. How? Because they are ready for the challenge. They have gone to the depths of the subject and they are confident about themselves. Also as I've experienced if you have passion, there's no shortage of opportunities.

Can we create passion? Passion for something involves your emotions, it's something you love to think, love to talk and it will never make you feel bored. Most of the time passion matches with your core skills. Loving something because others succeed in it or others earn better in it is not the true passion. So it's better to think about yourself and try to understand what is your true passion.

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