Lakshan Perera

Still Alive.

I know most of you may have already assumed this blog is dead and removed from your RSS readers too. However it's not..I always have the intent to keep on blogging, but lack of consistentcy and pure laziness of mine didn't really help the cause.

During the past six months of silence, actually I tried to realign my thoughts, my life. To be frank, I was not happy where my life was heading and with the things happening around me the future seems to be filled with lot of uncertainty. When I was 17, I had a dream where I wants to be and today I have almost achieved what I dreamt. Only thing is when I taste the reality of those dreams today, it doesn't feel much comfort and cosy as I wished as a teen. However today I don't see where I would be after 5 years (actually I don't want to see). I cannot predict how my environment will change in these 5 years. I will have to adapt to it on whatever the circumstances. That's why I feel more comfortable living for the day and not having concrete goals. So I could take the opportunities as it comes and could live without worrying on what I've achieved. At the end of the day, if I could bring some happiness to the people around me, then I could feel satisfied. Past few months, I tried live in this approach, by spending more time with people who are closer to me and also engaging in some new activities. It actually gave me much better feeling than just being stuck with geekery.

If you still read this and wonder whether I've lost all my appitetie for hacking... Not quite so. During this period I also worked with my colleagues at Vesess, developing a simple billing app called, CurdBee. After lot of effort, we were able to make it available for public yesterday. It's free, so you like to try it register for an account. It's our first mass market web app and it gives me bit of self-satisfaction for being part of it.