Lakshan Perera

The Linux Desktop

Last night, at last I decided to upgrade my machine to Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). In fact it's been almost one month since the release and I was bit reluctant to go for the upgrade early. I was bit busy with development work lately and my machine was stable with Fiesty Fawn (7.04). So I didn't want to take the gamble of upgrading early. Also, I experienced few chuckles in last upgrade with high demand hitting the Ubuntu servers and broken repos. The upgrade went smoothly and this seems to be the most stable Ubuntu version ever !

With the new version of Linux kernel included with Gutsy, it seems the lifelong issues I had with the graphics and sound card are over. It seems sound works normally when resuming from a hibernation and also default speakers are muted when I plugin the headsets. These two trivial issues were bugging me in the past and I never found a workaround :) What I love most is Compiz Fusion working out of the box, without needing any extra effort to configure.