Lakshan Perera

Let's bid farewell for Prof.V.K.Samaranayake

Today would be a day of mourning for Sri Lankan IT industry, with the demise of Sri Lanka's "Father of IT", Prof.V.K.Samaranayake. Many will unanimously agree today Sri Lanka's IT industries successes are mainly due to visionaries of Prof.Samaranayake.

Beginning with CINTEC and later through ICTA, the work he has done for the development of IT industry in the country will be ever remembered. Introduction of BIT external degree program which enabled many students to get into IT field, Fueling the FOSS community by helping to launch the LSF, Sinhala language support in Windows and E-government project which digitized the procedures of many government institutions are some of the notable projects which took place under Prof.Samaranayke.

The vacuum left by his decease would never be filled and whole country will miss him in the years to come. I give my sincere condolences to the family of Prof. and may rest in peace!