Lakshan Perera

Confusing Web 2.0 Domains

How do you define a web 2.0 application ? Normal distinguishable features includes AJAX, rounded corners, large input fields and badges. But did you notice a another feature which is common to most of the apps of web 2.0 culture ? Most of them have confusing and difficult to spell domain adresess or URLs.

It's a PITA when introducing these apps to my non-geeky friends. Here is how normal conversation would follow.

me : Do you know that cool project management tool called basecamp ?

buddy : Nope. What is the site ?

me : no pal u hav to add hq to end it's

buddy : or maybe I'll visit to company site and use the product that seems much easier.

(types the URL)

buddy : There is no site called ???

me : no no mate it's 37 numeric 3 and 7!

buddy : Oh! this makes me sick. Show me something not that geeky in web 2.0 world...

me : ah! you gotta visit flickr that's awesome photo sharing service :)

buddy : What ??? seems like they are out of the business that domain is for sale

me: Are u gone crazy ?? I'm using it now

buddy : I'm not it seems you are. You said right ??

me : nope buddy it's F-L-I-C-K-R not E-R ..

buddy : how can remeber all these weired names ?

me : thats why you should use a bookmarking service to save ur brain from interpreting these URLs

buddy : tell me such a site

me : Delicious

buddy : site may be delicious but how do go to it ?

me : Just type DEL dot ICIO dot US buddy : what DEL ? you mean the DEL key in the keyboard ??

me : Just GOOGLE for the site

buddy : excuse me how many O's in between the 2 G's ?

me :