Lakshan Perera

City under attack ?

Update on the current situation in Colombo (exactly here in Wattala). Still nothing is yet to confirm and moments passed by were filled with fear and uncertainity.

We got electricity back in few minutes ago (around 3.50 am) and now the whole city seems calm and quiet. Still there is no any official update on what was happend few hours ago. But it seems something serious did took place over the skies of the city.

We were all glued to the televisions, watching intensely the Sri Lankan run chase against Aussies in World Cup finals. Suddenly around 1.10 am there was a power failure, blaming at electricity board for poor load balancing me and brother went to room expecting we will get the electricity in few minutes.

Just then we heard the sound of an aero plane going along the sea side and we didn't take it much seriously at that time. But me and my brother did talk about the possibility of an air raid over the country at this time, where all are concentrating nothing but on cricket.

Suddenly around 1.30 am we heard a noise similar to of firecrackers and then suspicious loud blasts heard which is definitely not of firecrackers. Then I called one of my uncles (they had electricity in their area) and he said it should have been just fire-crackers as Sanath did hit 3 successive boundaries at that very moment. We also then thought the same as whole city were enjoying and partying. Meantime we were trying to contact electricity board to ask what went wrong with our power line.

Around 2.00 am, another uncle from Kandy did called and said about this news of Air-raid over the city. Few phone calls afterwards, did confirmed the above story. At this time there were lot of rumors were flowing about attacks in air-port, harbour and Kelanitissa Power plant and it was also certain that about 80% of the city is in dark at that moment. When I did check on official web site of ministry of defense and tamilnet over GPRS there was the news of possible air strike in Colombo.

Around 3.00 am, again we heard the sound of an air-craft flowing over, and what did we saw were tracer bullets are being fired at it. We heard clearly the noise of a gun-fire.

As I'm writing this again I heared some firing and not sure what it's all about. Again now it's quiet and it's 4.37 am in Colombo.

UPDATE : Official reports now confirms about the bombing of oil power plants in Kerwalapitiya and Kolonnawa. Kerawalapitiya plant is in very close proximity to our house in Wattala.