Lakshan Perera

Accepted for Google Summer of Code !

Today is a one of the greatest days in my life, as I got accepted to Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2007. It's a dream coming true for me and looking forward to have some great experiences with it.

Google Summer of Code, is a program organized by Google for University Students. Where they have to work for Open Source Project for 2 months, which is mentored by an organization. This will give huge boost for Open Source community as well as splendid experience for budding up developers. This year 900 students were selected worldwide out of 6200 applications, to work for 100 mentoring organizations.

I will be working for Silverstripe CMS and Framwork. Silverstripe is been a great project and its really a fun to work with such a community. Silverstripe is basically is like a cross between Drupal and Ruby on Rails(ROR), which would be an easy platform to develop any kind of site. Its a delight to work with stuff I love most such as MVC, AJAX, Web Standards, etc. I hope I could contribute for the success of Silverstripe and make it a perfect framework for web development. I will be updating this blog with the further technical details of my project and I will share the experiences I gain.

Also its a great delight to see my fellow Vesessins, Laknath and Amila are also getting accepted. The inspiration got from Prabhath's last years experience with GSoC, also did helped us immensely. Now we have 4 of our team with GSOC experience. This will give the world a clear indication of the quality of Vesessins. I wish Good Luck for my buddies too ! So looking forward for exciting and challenging days ahead :)