Lakshan Perera

Early Bird view to Google Summer of Code Project Ideas

As most of you may aware (or not) Google Summer of Code for 2007 has been announced. This year I'm eager to apply for a project, eventhough I'm not sure whetehr I will get accepted. Anyway project ideas of accepted mentoring organizations will be released only on 14th March and student application period will be ended on 24th of March. Since I (and many others too) haven't been actively involve in projects with these organizations, I thought better to begin preparations early and select a good project. Most of the organizations have included a wiki page of potential projects.

I thought of sharing the list of project ideas I compiled. Note that final project ideas of these organizations may differ and also not all of these organizations may get accepted to GSoC .

UPDATE : Lot of new project ideas, which I missed have been added in the comments section. Check them as well.