Lakshan Perera

Keeping the focus

For the first time in this year I'm going to touch my blog. Since I started this blog back in last May, I got great exposure by coming to know various cool people and involving in great projects. But when I was driven away by more work, attention to blog has been simply neglected. Actually I think at times, I filled the blog with more noise than signal. This year I'm going to give more focus on my blog and I hope the blog will also mature with experience.

Year 2006 was a great year for me personally. I got into the university for my higher studies and also able to have a steady progress as in my professional career as a web developer. I got the opportunity in working on some great freelance projects, which I did really enjoyed. Besides that, I had the opportunity to join Vesess as one of their developers. Vesess has the spirit of a new age web startup and it seems to be a place I could really enhance my career.

So the challenge in 2007 is to move up on the ladder, keeping up the same momentum. 2006 was an year of establisment for me. I had fulfilled my needs, next step is to keep on the commitment. That would be much harder, but as always I'm ready for the challenge.