Lakshan Perera

Will Google come to Sri Lanka ?

Today I came across this Google Job Openings page which lists four job openings in South Asia, that includes a position for a Sri Lanka Country Consultant. For these positions Google doesn't mention an exact location, only mentions This position is located in South Asia. This sounds like Google is going to open up a new South Asian Regional office apart from the ones they have in India. What is more exciting is opening up a position for country consultant only in Sri Lanka (not in Pakistan or Bangladesh). Is this signify a possibility of seeing a Google office in Sri Lanka ?

Sri Lanka was noticeable to Google than any other SA country in recent past, thanks to events like Google SoC and ApacheCon. Who knows that they may see Sri Lanka as a potential market ? There are already local SME's using Google Adwords and more importantly Google may see huge market for their future products such as Web Office and Google OS in developing countries like Sri Lanka.

So how important for us to have Google in here? There will be so many benefits such as the infrastructure development and the recognition. Also, Google is a major supporter for the FOSS community and FOSS will be the key for countries like us in the coming future. So having a Google representation will be a catalyst for local FOSS community as well. Let's hope Google opens an office in Sri Lanka and many Sri Lankan Engineers will get to work in there....