Lakshan Perera

Lets geotag Flickr photos

Two days ago Flickr has added another awesome feature to its service, drag and drop geotagging. Integrated with Yahoo maps this allows you to go down to the street levels in any part of the world. Yeah ! you can find many major cities in Sri Lanka too!

All you have to do is goto flickr and click on the drop-down Explore tab and select 'Photos on a map' then just type in the location you like (for example, Colombo or Anuradhapura). Zoom into the location and click on the hotspots to see the pictures tagged with that location.

GREAT! Now probably you are all excited on how to get your photos on the map too. That's also quite easy, go to your account and select orgainze tab. In that screen select the tab Map, there you go! You just have to drop your photos to the location it was taken or you want to geotag. You could find the location easily by using the search tab and zoom in/out accordingly. All these would not take 15 seconds (Of course not on dial-up :P). If you need to learn more about this checkout the screencasts and blog post at flickr.

So this service leads to many new possibilites. One thing I'm looking forward to see an integration with this and Google earth. Any other cool ideas ?