Lakshan Perera

Becoming a Semi Geek...

These days I'm undergoing a flip and turn in my life with the admission into University education. Now I'm spending most of the time in meatspace rather than in siliconspace. In this part of world, students still have more faith on Kuppi(local university slang for group studies) rather than O'Reilly books or Wikipedia, and the more healthy relationships you have in meatspace will assure your success in here.

During the last two weeks, I learnt to reap the best out of campus life I should live in it. Traveling daily from home will not only exhaust me but also prevent me from gaining the best out of this life. However the problem is I don't want to loose my geek life that I used to live for ages. I would still love to hang on the net at the wee hours learning about RoR Unit Testing, experimenting Python scripts on my Symbian Phone and etc. So now I'm thinking of living the semi-geek life.

My plan is to move to a room near campus with a Refurbished Laptop which would have a WLAN card plugged into the USB port. I'm doing this with a slight hope of connecting to the Wireless Network at the campus. (Do any guys at Mora have tried this before ?). Since I don't think I cannot survive with internet I'm also hoping to buy a CDMA phone as an alternative.