Lakshan Perera

What to blog and what to not ?

Blogging is a unique art. Bloggers are not poets or Technical Writers and not even News Reporters. Bloggers are bloggers and blog post should feel like a blog post ! Even though Blogs are reffered as a free media with no bounds, I feel it’s always quite trivial to decide what to blog and what to not!

I know some people do blog just about anything and some do succeed by doing it too. But to be honest it’s always been a twister for me to decide what should go in the blog, (maybe because I just entered to blogsphere and Stage Fever ??) However I keep worrying whether my content do make sense to others? Whether it will help someone in someway? Or is this subject blogged better than this elsewhere?

For now I don’t have a high expectations on blogging (such as getting into Top 100 of Technorati or Receiving a $10k+ check from AdWords) and I think keeping away from obsessions will make blogging more free and fun. Knowing that I’m not Jeffrey Zeldman or Ray Ozzie and I should not always have to be spot on gives me a bit relief.

I enjoy blogging, it will help to keep me busy in my idle hours and helps me to increase my caffeine intake! I know if I master the art, I could be a guru too, until then there is a big learning curve. Finally, I doubt whether this is worthy to get blogged, anyway I’m pushing PUBLISH!