Lakshan Perera

Share Alike Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan geek community has been all excited for these days with the arrivel of Prof. Lawrence Lessig founder of Creative Commons. Eventhough I was not able to attend for the conference for unforseen circumstances, I'm keeping track of the event thanks to some hardworking bloggers and flickers (unfortunately no podcasters !) Launched ??

Eventhough several blogs claimed that, ICTA launched the Sri Lankan version of the Creative Commons web site, still I couldn't access it. Maybe the server is crammed with all Sri Lankan Artists, Musicians, Writers claiming their Creative Commons License Lol! (I get the smell of another "Ruwanwelisaya type" Web Launch !)

And, To Celebrate this Great Occasion...

I also decided to make my blog and it's future posts available under creative commons license. So if you like the theme or content in my blog you can make use of it as long as you use it for non-commericial purposes.

UPDATE : Creative Commons site seem to be working now, but another dissapointing table based design. Atleast if the designers had a look at their mother site they would have turned up with something better.