Lakshan Perera


Rather than saying Hello World, I prefer to welcome you to my blog saying Ayubowan ! (FYI : It's the way of saying welcome in Sinhalese).

It seems like I'm the last person of this world to enter blogsphere, eventhough it's a late start I hope I could deliver something good (actually I did a blog that nobody read at blogspot for couple of months). Let's see how this goes.

My passion is on web techologies and therefore you will find most of the posts here related to design, development, web standards, AJAX and all other web++. I will try to make this blog meaningful for all rather than filling it with Geek Stuff.

Also please note this blog is still in BETA stage and you may find few hiccups. Talking about the blog design I wanted to have a clean Sri Lankan style layout (yes, I got inspired by Nidahas) and I like to hear your reviews.