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Adios Nitrous. Sayonara Singapore.

Today was my last day at Nitrous.

It's a bit sad and awkward that this blog went radio silent during the last two years. But that was mainly because I was having the time of my life.

Couple of weeks ago, I was in Bangalore to speak at Gophercon India. After the conference, I met with one of my friends to take a stroll across the streets of Bangalore. We stopped at a greengrocer and another shopper approached us. "Damn! do you work for them? You guys totally saved my life!" he exclaimed. I was awestruck for a second and then I realised he's pointing at the "Nitrous.IO" logo in my t-shirt. He went on to explain how his laptop died approaching a critical deadline and how he was able to quickly replicate his whole development environment using Nitrous in his family's Windows PC. "I have been convincing my boss to switch all our projects to use Nitrous". All that in one single breath.

This was probably the most genuine accolades one can receive about their work. For the past two years, I've been hearing many similar stories. These made me feel extremely proud to I say "I work for Nitrous".

Why am I leaving Nitrous?

I know it's perplexing to hear someone wanting to leave the work they love and proud of. Coming from a small coastal town of a relatively lesser known island, getting to this stage was not a fairy tale for me. Every single little step was a challenge. Somehow I kept going out of my comfort zone, doing things that scared me. Doing things everyone around me thought impossible.

I learnt a lot from those experiences. It bolstered my confidence. Yet, I feel I'm just beginning my journey and so much more to learn. And I don't want to take the easy path. This was the main reason I decided to part my ways with Nitrous.

10x Better Developer

Having said that, I will always have immense respect to Nitrous founders - Pete, Arun and AJ. They took a huge gamble in hiring me as their 2nd full-time employee. Someone outside of their immediate network. Someone they met only once.

I got inspired by every single member of the Nitrous team. It was awesome that I could refer to these smart, disciplined and overall nice human beings as my colleagues.

I don't believe in 10x developer myths, but I can surely say this team made me a 10x better developer than I was.

I will miss Singapore

Leaving Nitrous also means I will be leaving Singapore. This part is even more emotional for me.

When I first arrived in Singapore, I barely knew anyone in here. Honeslty, I didn't think I could survive in its vanity driven, snobbish life. It took me sometime peel those outer layers and reach the real people. They all had the similar aspirations, dreams, fears and tastes like me. For the first time in my life, I felt I have found my tribe.

There will be some sweet legends such as how a small kopi chat turned into a full-blown meetup or how a programming language group made someone to switch their career.

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